When your car is your baby we make it a top priority at Amazon Tuning Solutions

“Customer service anymore seems to be a long lost commodity. This is especially seen within the automotive enthusiast community. When your car is your baby, you want it to be a priority for your builder, and especially your tuner. I’ve been using the same tuner for 7 years now because we’ve become fast friends. When he’s not tuning, he’s racing his own 2015 mustang, which is sponsored by HP Tuners no less. And be it that he also has an engineering degree and is a master electrician, along with his 18 years of tuning experience he isn’t often left scratching his head when a problem comes up. I’ve had days on the dyno that left me sick to my stomach because I was having mechanical problems, and Rick has taken me to lunch because he felt sorry for me. I’ve never been rushed off the dyno at Amazon Tuning Solutions. When I take care of my end on a build, Rick takes care of his end with the tuning. And if I ever have a question or want something tweaked, he emails it to me for free-over and over until I’m satisfied with the car.”    Zach Jordan