We are proud to Feature 2015 GT owned by Jeff Eames

Featuring this beautiful 2015 GT owned by our customer Jeff Eames.

Jeff went with us to NMRA Atlanta 2015 and pitted with us at our space on the vendor midway. He also ran the car in True Street and took the title in the 13 sec division. Not bad for a basically stock vehicle.

Mods – MBRP Race Catback
ATS Tune
“With having owned over 12 mustangs for the last 20 years, my 2015 GT w/ performance pack is by far the best platform I have owned. After meeting Rick at Amazon Tuning Solutions, I began explaining to him some concerns I had with the stock tune! Rick began explaining to me that my concerns could be fix with his tune and understood exactly what I was saying. Rick downloaded the tune from my car and within 2 days, he contacted me saying the tune was done and made arrangements to upload new tune. As soon as the tune was uploaded, I took the car for a “spirited” ride and immediately felt a difference. The car seemed to run smoother, had more power, revved higher, and the clutch protection was gone! Needless to say I was very pleased with the tune on my stock mustang and stay in touch with Rick and Linn for future upgrades and tuning!”