The ATS fleet has grown by two!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve acquired two vehicles: a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport EcoBoost and a 2014 C7 Corvette!


Both will be used for work and pleasure, and the modifications have already begun! The corvette has already been tuned by Rick using HP Tuners VCM Suite and an AFE Cold Air Kit has been installed, as well as a black hood stripe.

Here are a couple photos of the work in progress: Who doesn’t love yellow and black?



For the Explorer Sport, we have big plans.  With AWD and a 3.5 twin turbo EcoBoost power plant, these things absolutely rip with tuning upgrades, and we plan to start off by installing a JMS PedalMax, BoostMax and an HP Tuners nGauge.

The PedalMax and BoostMax are huge “bang for your buck” upgrades that are not only incredibly simple to install (plug and play), they don’t require any additional programming. The PedalMax eliminates the lag in the throttle that many modern cars have, especially boosted cars and makes a huge difference you can feel instantly. An optional, remote knob lets you adjust sensitivity on the fly. You can literally hold your foot steady, turn the knob and feel the vehicle accelerate.

The BoostMax makes 90+ RWHP with a simple plug and play device and it’s easily removable as needed! At $299, it’s huge HP per dollar!

And for serious HP gains of 150+, we’re going to ad an HP Tuners nGauge with custom tuning by Rick. The nGauge is a fully programmable gauge, datalogger and custom tuning device–all in one! It can hold 20+ custom calibrations, so you can take it to the track and see which tunes net you the highest MPH and lowest ET. We sell the HP Tuners nGauge for $449 with free shipping, plus custom tuning fees.

We’re really looking forward to these upgrades: A tuned explorer sport is as fun as a “grocery getter” gets! Here are a couple photos. The truck is bone stock and ready for upgrades!

ATS_Explorer_Sport_EcoBoost ATS_Explorer_Sport_EcoBoost2

Though we’ve been doing our fair share of mustang tuning recently, Rick has been tuning Corvettes, Camaros and other Ford, GM and Dodge vehicles for over 20 years. Because the EcoBoost platform has become immensely popular, and the 3.5 EcoBoost makes an appearance in many platforms, including the Taurus SHO (another vehicle in our fleet!), Ford F150 and, of course, the Explorer Sport EcoBoost, we’ve decided to make this an area of focus and offer top-notch EcoBoost tunes that focus on power, mileage and drivability.

Boosted vehicles love tuning, and they usually see notable mileage gains once settle down and go back to driving “normal”, though we are not exactly familiar with what that means. Isn’t the throttle meant to be an on/off switch? =o)

In all seriousness: If you own a vehicle with a Ford 3.5 EcoBoost, you’re doing it an injustice by leaving it stock. There is so much power potential, you can easily turn your EcoBoost into an EcoBEAST.  Call us for a custom tune, PedalMax or BoostMax!