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ATS is ready for the NMRA Spring Break Shootout!

The NMRA Spring Break Shootout is only a few weeks away and we hope to see you there!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.51.13 PM

With another year of sponsorship from HP Tuners, ATS is excited for what the 2016 NMRA race season holds. Rick will be running our 2015 VMP Supercharged Mustang GT in NMRA Super Stang and the car is really dialed in this year: We’ve broken in the Ram clutch, custom dyno tuned the car with the HP Tuners nGauge and have plenty of race fuel to burn!

Last year was our first year back on the race scene in over 10 years, and though we had a few setbacks, it was still a record year. For 2016, we plan to take tuning support on the road to a whole new level. If you’re new to tuning or are looking for a custom tune for your own vehicle, please stop by our booth on the midway and talk to Rick or Linn. Rick has been tuning since 1998, which means if the tuning platform exists, he has probably tuned with it. ATS can offer email tunes on any platform, including SCT, Diablosport and our personal preference: HP Tuners.

Get tuned at the track! We can schedule your tune ahead of time to take place at your local NMRA event.

Though we take pride in offering awesome email tunes, if you happen to be local to an NMRA event this year, please let us know by sending an email to sales@amazontuningsolutions.com. Rick can tune your car right there at the track, and if you drive a mustang or other Ford vehicle, we can install and tune an HP Tuners nGauge on site. You can pull right up to our booth and get custom tuning with a personal touch and a great photo op.

Speaking of photos: We’re going to do more photo shoots in 2016!

HP Tuners nGauge with Gulf Racing Fuel Tune

Tristan Lester: Miss ATS

Tristan has stepped right into her role as Miss ATS and we can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can schedule our next ATS photo shoot. We also plan to have Tristan host one of our customer appreciation days, which will be a private track rental open ONLY to ATS customers!

If you’re an ATS customer and would like to attend one of our customer appreciation events or meet up with us at an NMRA event, please email sales@amazontuningsolutions.com


If you’re not an ATS customer yet: What are you waiting for? We’ll see you at the track!




1st photo shoot with the new Miss ATS

We’re very excited to share a few photos from our first shoot with Tristan Lester, the new Miss ATS!

We chose Tristan Lester as a finalist (and the ultimate winner) in the Miss ATS contest for all the right reasons: She is local, energetic, experienced, available and loves cars!  Below are just a few of the photos from our first shoot.

Huge thanks to our photographer Chuck Brooks at 1320 Photography and to Miss ATS!

Screenshot 2015-09-08 13.30.39Screenshot 2015-09-08 15.26.07

Below, Tristan showcases the HP Tuners nGauge. This is the open version of the nGauge, allowing you to choose your tuner! When you buy an HP Tuners nGauge from Amazon Tuning Solutions, custom tuning is included!

Screenshot 2015-09-08 13.34.38Screenshot 2015-09-08 15.29.15


We think New Edge mustangs still deserve the love. Tristan agrees! Don’t you?

Screenshot 2015-09-08 13.53.13


Screenshot 2015-09-08 13.35.32Screenshot 2015-09-08 13.36.23

We can’t wait to show you the rest of the photos and we’ll be scheduling another shoot soon! To follow Tristan on social media, please follow the Miss ATS Facebook page and follow hashtag #MissATS

If you drive a Ford, Dodge or GM vehicle and need custom tuning, please send an email to rick@amazontuningsolutions.com or call 704-662-0881

We sell the HP Tuners nGauge! The HP Tuners nGauge currently supports Ford 5.0 Coyote and EcoBoost.