S550 MT-82 to 4R70W automatic conversion is almost done!

They call it “fishing” for a reason. You aren’t guaranteed to catch fish, otherwise it would be called “catching”. The same goes for racing: It’s not called “winning” for a reason: Sometimes you have to do a lot of racing, break some parts, change strategies, fabricate new parts, race some more and then you might start winning.

We’ve built our 2015 Mustang GT to be a winner. After a broken clutch and rear end, we decided to take things to the next level with a Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W and Circle D converter.

Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W

Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W

The Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W was built to handle 950 HP in severe duty race applications. Full manual shift control, premium racing clutches, special sprag, hardened input shaft and an aluminum deep sump pan are what give this transmission the tools for success and the very reasons we chose to go with Performance Automatic.

Circle D Converter

To replace our broken differential, we chose Wavetrac. If you break it…upgrade it!Wavetrac

The final piece of the puzzle for our VMP Supercharged, ATS tuned (using HP Tuners) S550 is a custom driveshaft from Frank at The Driveshaft Shop. We should have the custom driveshaft installed and ready to go by next week!

Please stop by our booth on the midway at NMRA in Commerce, GA this weekend to talk about the conversion or for┬ácustom tuning advice. The 4R70W swap is becoming popular and we would love to help you in your journey for lower ET’s and higher MPH. Rick spent a lot of time to get this car built and we’re excited to see what the rest of the NMRA season holds!

If you have questions or want to know more about our 2015 Mustang GT, please email sales@amazontuningsolutions.com or call 704-662-0881