Rick Erdman: Dyno & Remote Tuning Specialist

At AMAZON TUNING SOLUTIONS whether you work remotely via email to order a tune or have your car tuned on our in house, state of the art 1100 SE Mustang Dyno it will be hard to find anyone with more experience tuning domestic performance vehicles than RICK ERDMAN. He has spent 0ver 30 years studying and researching datalogs from the street and dyno to develop his tuning files. It is his goal to use his many years of tuning experience and knowledge to offer tunes with safety, reliability and drivability.

Each tune is customized for your vehicle’s present modifications, individual location and driving style. A preliminary tune is done specifically for your vehicle. It is then verified and dialed in by datalogging specific parameters and AF readings.

Rick has many safeguards in place to insure engine longevity. He is always accessible and happy to talk to anyone at length and in more detail about his tuning process. Appointments are necessary for tuning, but you can stop by any time or call to consult with Rick or just hang out with the gang. Stop by today and experience the difference in quality and service with guaranteed work and better performance from Amazon Tuning Solutions.


Remote tuning is a process that our ATS tuning specialist Rick Erdman has offered for many years. He was one of the very first tuners to offer it to his customers who driving to us for a dyno tune  was not an option. He has remotely tuned thousands of vehicles all over the world.

Initially a preliminary tune file is emailed to you that is  based on your vehicle modifications. It is then verified by datalogging specific parameters. The datalogged parameters are then returned via email and the tune is dialed in and resent via email.

Remotely tuning is not for everyone. It can sometimes be a time consuming process. Patience and good communication are essential. If you are willing to dedicate the time required it can be a very viable option to dyno tuning when you do not have access to a reputable dyno tuner in your area.

If you are interested in knowing more about our remote tuning process give us a call at 704 662 0881 or email Rick@amazontuningsolutions.com for a personal consultation with Rick.



Rick has spent countless hours developing tunes for the 2015-2016  S550 mustang. With the release of the HP Tuners nGauge into the tuning market, we’ve never been more busy cranking out custom tunes! To date, we’ve been known as Ford Lightning and 03/04 Cobra tuners–and we still are, but adapting to industry changes is important. As a result, we’re full swing with the 2011-2015 mustang.

Now that we have an entirely new generation of mustang owners, we feel privileged to have so much seat time on the dyno with 2011-2015 mustangs and because of this we’re making this platform a heavy focus going forward. With so many enthusiasts buying these cars, this market has nowhere to go but up!


But let’s focus  on tuning development and mail order tuning, because all mail order/email tuners are not alike. Rick Erdman has worked hard to build tried and true tuned files for your Coyote mustang, regardless of your modifications. We’ve been on the dyno with it normally aspirated, with a positive displacement blower (VMP), a Centrifugal supercharger (Procharger), nitrous, turbo…you name it! These custom tunes aren’t developed from theory alone: We’ve spend the hard hours on the dyno and at the track.

A big bonus you get with ATS: Free tuning revisions

ATS offers free revisions for 1 year if your modifications change. We understand that many of you will purchase and install modifications, only to change your mind after installing them. This happens for numerous reasons, but it’s mostly linked to a horsepower addiction–an addiction we condone through and through. Long story short: If you buy an HP Tuners nGauge from ATS, we tune your car for you and you decide 6 months later that you need a smaller supercharger pulley for more boost, we will provide a tuning update for you at absolutely no cost. There are obviously some limitations on this: You can’t rip the entire car apart, build the engine and change everything while expecting a free tuning revision–but for reasonable changes linked to your horsepower addiction–we salute you and your mission for more horsepower with free revisions =o)

For more info, please email rick@amazontuningsolutions.com  or call 704-662-0881