Matt Duncan’s 1990 Mustang GT

Matt Duncan’s 1990 GT. Currently it has a explorer gt40p motor, with a TFS #1 cam, basic bolt-ons, BBK Longtubes, off-road H, Flowmasters, Maximum Motorsports camber caster plates & full length subframes. Bilstein shocks & struts, H&R springs, upper & lower control arms, SN95 5-lug conversion.Future plans are a 408, T-56, and upgrade to Cobra spec brakes.She is & will always be a street car that can be driven anywhere reliably with the a/c blowing & stereo cranked. He has been part of the Amazon Team since 2006.
“Rick & Linn at Amazon are awesome. Even several years after I’ve spent any money with them, they still treat me like their best customer. Rick has answered several questions before & after the sale & couldn’t be a better guy to work with. He’s the only one I trust & recommend to tune any vehicle!” Matt Duncan