Gulf Racing Fuels

For the second year Gulf Racing Fuel will be sponsoring the ATS 2015 GT for the 2016 NMRA season. The car will be fueled with Mach 116

For Engine Applications that Require 110 – 116 Octane and Compression Ratios of Up to 15:1
Gulf’s additive lead replacement performs better than leaded fuels by producing more effective lubricity, while resisting detonation. The product reaches its stoichiometric value between 14.8:1 and 14.9:1 at idle/closed loop; and further, will not damage oxygen sensing systems or catalytic converters, while avoiding ethanol entirely.

Thank you Jess for your continued confidence in ATS

We are a Gulf Racing dealer and try to keep a supply in stock. Give us a call today at 704 662 0881 for more info on all the Gulf Racing Fuel formulas.

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