Ford GM Dodge Custom Remote and Dyno Tuning

At AMAZON TUNING SOLUTIONS whether you work remotely via email to order a tune or have your car tuned on our in house, state of the art 1100 SE Mustang Dyno it will be hard to find anyone with more experience tuning domestic performance vehicles than our master tuner, RICK ERDMAN.

He has compiled years of his datalogs from the street and dyno to develop his tuning files. It is his goal to use his many years of tuning experience and knowledge to offer tunes with safety, reliability and drivability.
Each tune is customized for your vehicle’s present modifications, individual location and driving style. A preliminary tune is done specifically for your vehicle. It is then verified and dialed in by datalogging specific parameters and AF readings.
Rick has many safeguards in place to insure engine longevity. He is always accessible through our support site at and is happy to talk to anyone at length and in more detail about his tuning process. Experience the difference in quality and service with guaranteed work and better performance from Amazon Tuning Solutions.