Featuring TJ Reese’s Coyote, Medusa

Tuning with ATS

When making decisions on tuning your mustang you have a ton of options.  From base map tunes, remote email tuning, or custom tuning not to mention all the shops out there who offer tuning so I was a bit lost in the beginning to say the least.  After doing some research and asking a few fellow mustang enthusiast on their suggestions, I decided that the best fit for me would be a remote email tune as I am continuing to mod my mustang and I didn’t want the large cost associated with a custom dyno tune and wanted the availability to still add upgrades as I could afford them.  As I was searching the ACMR page on facebook for more information on tuners I seen a contest was going to win an nGAUGE along with custom tuning from ATS so I figured why not give it a go I never win anything but it couldn’t hurt to enter.   A few days pasted and to my surprise I got a message saying that I had won the contest and was going to receive the tuner and tune.  Now at first I was hesitant about having ATS tune my car as they weren’t one of the huge companies everyone else was using and they were on the other side of the country from me (I’m in Salt Lake City and they are located in North Carolina), but I decided to go ahead and see what they could do. Once I got on the phone with Linn and Rick all my worries melted away as I was able to instantly tell they were very knowledgeable people.  I was completely new to the nGAUGE and had no idea how to set it up and download my stock tune so that they could write my custom tune.  With us being on other sides of the country there was quite a time difference and with my work schedule I was unable to call and work with them during regular business hours so I called after hours and to my surprise they answered and took the time to walk me step by step through the whole process further putting me at ease knowing I was in good hands.  During our first tuning session my nGAUGE had downloaded a corrupted stock tune that caused several issues that we continued chasing our tail on,  Rick and Linn spent countless hours on the phone with me after hours and on weekends trying to get the issue resolved and finally after getting the engineers at nGAUGE involved we got to the base of the problem being the corrupted file.  Once we figured that out we were able to re-download a stock tune and rick sent me a revised custom tune in about 30 minutes once I loaded it in the car I couldn’t believe how much smoother the car ran.  I continued to run that tune for the rest of the season and was very happy with the results I was getting.  Once the winter months hit it was time to mod the car again so I collect my new mods and this required getting a revised tune.  I logged into their new tuning portal for sending request for new tunes or tune revisions.  Within an hour of putting in my request I had my new tune in my email.  Again the car ran better than ever and has been hurting other mustang owners with more mods feelings ever since.   And when they ask me how am I so fast I just get to smile and tell them its that ATS magic that they don’t have.  If you are on the fence about who to go with or if you think your pony has some more power to be had give ATS a try  and you wont be disappointed, I’ve never had such responsive customer support from any company across any industry.

One very satisfied customer

TJ Reese

Mod List:


Eibach Sport Lowering Springs

Koni Orange shocks and struts

BMR Lower Control arms and relocation brackets

Adjustable Pan hard bar


Custom wrap by Reese Kustoms

Rohana RF2 Wheels

20”x9“ with 255/35/20 tires – front

20”x11“ with 305/35/20 tires – rear

Roush 7 bar grills

20% tint on front windows and 5% on rears


Tuned by ATS

JLT Cold air intake

Ported stock intake manifold

CNC Throttle body

3.73 Rear gearing

Lethal Performance Off road H pipe 3”

SLP Loudmouth Axle back