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The ATS fleet has grown by two!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve acquired two vehicles: a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport EcoBoost and a 2014 C7 Corvette!


Both will be used for work and pleasure, and the modifications have already begun! The corvette has already been tuned by Rick using HP Tuners VCM Suite and an AFE Cold Air Kit has been installed, as well as a black hood stripe.

Here are a couple photos of the work in progress: Who doesn’t love yellow and black?



For the Explorer Sport, we have big plans.  With AWD and a 3.5 twin turbo EcoBoost power plant, these things absolutely rip with tuning upgrades, and we plan to start off by installing a JMS PedalMax, BoostMax and an HP Tuners nGauge.

The PedalMax and BoostMax are huge “bang for your buck” upgrades that are not only incredibly simple to install (plug and play), they don’t require any additional programming. The PedalMax eliminates the lag in the throttle that many modern cars have, especially boosted cars and makes a huge difference you can feel instantly. An optional, remote knob lets you adjust sensitivity on the fly. You can literally hold your foot steady, turn the knob and feel the vehicle accelerate.

The BoostMax makes 90+ RWHP with a simple plug and play device and it’s easily removable as needed! At $299, it’s huge HP per dollar!

And for serious HP gains of 150+, we’re going to ad an HP Tuners nGauge with custom tuning by Rick. The nGauge is a fully programmable gauge, datalogger and custom tuning device–all in one! It can hold 20+ custom calibrations, so you can take it to the track and see which tunes net you the highest MPH and lowest ET. We sell the HP Tuners nGauge for $449 with free shipping, plus custom tuning fees.

We’re really looking forward to these upgrades: A tuned explorer sport is as fun as a “grocery getter” gets! Here are a couple photos. The truck is bone stock and ready for upgrades!

ATS_Explorer_Sport_EcoBoost ATS_Explorer_Sport_EcoBoost2

Though we’ve been doing our fair share of mustang tuning recently, Rick has been tuning Corvettes, Camaros and other Ford, GM and Dodge vehicles for over 20 years. Because the EcoBoost platform has become immensely popular, and the 3.5 EcoBoost makes an appearance in many platforms, including the Taurus SHO (another vehicle in our fleet!), Ford F150 and, of course, the Explorer Sport EcoBoost, we’ve decided to make this an area of focus and offer top-notch EcoBoost tunes that focus on power, mileage and drivability.

Boosted vehicles love tuning, and they usually see notable mileage gains once settle down and go back to driving “normal”, though we are not exactly familiar with what that means. Isn’t the throttle meant to be an on/off switch? =o)

In all seriousness: If you own a vehicle with a Ford 3.5 EcoBoost, you’re doing it an injustice by leaving it stock. There is so much power potential, you can easily turn your EcoBoost into an EcoBEAST.  Call us for a custom tune, PedalMax or BoostMax!







S550 MT-82 to 4R70W automatic conversion is almost done!

They call it “fishing” for a reason. You aren’t guaranteed to catch fish, otherwise it would be called “catching”. The same goes for racing: It’s not called “winning” for a reason: Sometimes you have to do a lot of racing, break some parts, change strategies, fabricate new parts, race some more and then you might start winning.

We’ve built our 2015 Mustang GT to be a winner. After a broken clutch and rear end, we decided to take things to the next level with a Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W and Circle D converter.

Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W

Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W

The Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W was built to handle 950 HP in severe duty race applications. Full manual shift control, premium racing clutches, special sprag, hardened input shaft and an aluminum deep sump pan are what give this transmission the tools for success and the very reasons we chose to go with Performance Automatic.

Circle D Converter

To replace our broken differential, we chose Wavetrac. If you break it…upgrade it!Wavetrac

The final piece of the puzzle for our VMP Supercharged, ATS tuned (using HP Tuners) S550 is a custom driveshaft from Frank at The Driveshaft Shop. We should have the custom driveshaft installed and ready to go by next week!

Please stop by our booth on the midway at NMRA in Commerce, GA this weekend to talk about the conversion or for custom tuning advice. The 4R70W swap is becoming popular and we would love to help you in your journey for lower ET’s and higher MPH. Rick spent a lot of time to get this car built and we’re excited to see what the rest of the NMRA season holds!

If you have questions or want to know more about our 2015 Mustang GT, please email sales@amazontuningsolutions.com or call 704-662-0881

ATS is ready for the NMRA Spring Break Shootout!

The NMRA Spring Break Shootout is only a few weeks away and we hope to see you there!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.51.13 PM

With another year of sponsorship from HP Tuners, ATS is excited for what the 2016 NMRA race season holds. Rick will be running our 2015 VMP Supercharged Mustang GT in NMRA Super Stang and the car is really dialed in this year: We’ve broken in the Ram clutch, custom dyno tuned the car with the HP Tuners nGauge and have plenty of race fuel to burn!

Last year was our first year back on the race scene in over 10 years, and though we had a few setbacks, it was still a record year. For 2016, we plan to take tuning support on the road to a whole new level. If you’re new to tuning or are looking for a custom tune for your own vehicle, please stop by our booth on the midway and talk to Rick or Linn. Rick has been tuning since 1998, which means if the tuning platform exists, he has probably tuned with it. ATS can offer email tunes on any platform, including SCT, Diablosport and our personal preference: HP Tuners.

Get tuned at the track! We can schedule your tune ahead of time to take place at your local NMRA event.

Though we take pride in offering awesome email tunes, if you happen to be local to an NMRA event this year, please let us know by sending an email to sales@amazontuningsolutions.com. Rick can tune your car right there at the track, and if you drive a mustang or other Ford vehicle, we can install and tune an HP Tuners nGauge on site. You can pull right up to our booth and get custom tuning with a personal touch and a great photo op.

Speaking of photos: We’re going to do more photo shoots in 2016!

HP Tuners nGauge with Gulf Racing Fuel Tune

Tristan Lester: Miss ATS

Tristan has stepped right into her role as Miss ATS and we can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can schedule our next ATS photo shoot. We also plan to have Tristan host one of our customer appreciation days, which will be a private track rental open ONLY to ATS customers!

If you’re an ATS customer and would like to attend one of our customer appreciation events or meet up with us at an NMRA event, please email sales@amazontuningsolutions.com


If you’re not an ATS customer yet: What are you waiting for? We’ll see you at the track!




Free Gulf Racing Fuel tune when you buy an HP Tuners nGauge with a street tune!

It’s a great time to own a muscle car, especially the 2015 Ford Mustang GT…arguably the most mod friendly car on the planet right now. It’s fast, handles well, loves boost, and has plenty of tuning options. And now, Amazon Tuning Solutions can make sure your Mustang GT is running in top form on both the street and on the race track. Introducing: FREE RACE FUEL TUNES!

HP Tuners nGauge with Gulf Racing Fuel Tune

The HP Tuners nGauge is available at Amazon Tuning Solutions and supports multiple custom tunes.

Race fuel and a race fuel tune can be a lot of fun, but you do have to be careful which fuel you choose when you’re dealing with a modern vehicle, especially the 2011-2016 Mustang GT.

These mustangs run in “closed loop” constantly. In other words, the PCM is always monitoring Air/Fuel ratio to make sure you’re hitting the target AFR, rather than “forcing” in fuel values from an open loop table. This distinction is important: It adds consistency to the tuning process, but it does cause issues with leaded race fuel.

Why? Because it’s a known fact that leaded race fuel damages O2 sensors, and replacing them regularly isn’t a desirable option due to cost, inconvenience and potential inconsistency. We’re not dealing with a 50 year old car, so why should we use 100 year old fuel technology?

Fortunately, there are ultra high octane, unleaded race fuels that are perfect for your Mustang GT and our personal fuel of choice at ATS is Gulf Racing Fuel.

Our very own 2015 Mustang GT runs on Gulf Mach 116, a 116 octane (R+M/2) unleaded race fuel that delivers the power and safety margin we need at the track. Even if you don’t need 116 octane, Amazon Tuning Solutions can get you tuned at any octane level, from 87-116 and the Gulf Mach series of unleaded race fuel comes in 105, 110 and 116 octane levels, so there’s a flavor for every car, from mild to wild!

The race fuel blend: An economical and safe street & track car solution.

It’s long been a challenge to dial in a dual purpose street/track car without compromise. While running pump gas on the street and race fuel at the track sounds great on paper, what if you’re driving to the track? What if you still have 1/4 tank of fuel? What if you want to drive your car to work all week, then take off Friday night and head straight to the drags? How do you make sure your fuel mix is perfect? In short, you can’t..unless you’re draining your fuel tank every time, but this isn’t practical for a street car, so what is the solution?

Gulf Mach 116, with it’s non oxygenated, unleaded properties and similar stoich to pump gas, gives you the ability to run a BLEND of race fuel with pump 93, and The Amazon Tuning Solutions race fuel tune can be built to compensate for your blend.

For example, let’s say you buy an HP Tuners nGauge with a street 93 tune from ATS for your VMP Supercharged 2012 Mustang GT: Any reputable, experienced tuner can dial in a great 93 octane tune and, since pump gas is generally consistent, the knock sensors can compensate for the occasional “bad” tank of fuel, as oxygenation levels only vary a few percent. But how do you create a race fuel tune when you’re intending to run both race fuel and pump gas on the same day? Making this even more challenging is the fact that many race fuels are oxygenated and have a radically different stoich than pump fuel. Now we’re looking at a completely different Mass Airflow transfer function and any type of “blending” becomes irresponsible.

A solution that has worked for us is the “Gulf 105 tune”, which consists of either running Gulf Mach 105 full time, or creating a 105 octane tune that performs well on a blend of 93 octane and 116 octane, creating a 105 octane “blended” fuel in a 50/50 ratio.

Gulf Racing Fuels Mach 105, 110 and 116

Gulf Racing Fuel is available in 100, 105, 116 and 116 octane unleaded.

How does this work in the real world? Simple! Let’s say you want to take your car to the track and run your 105 octane race fuel, but it still has half a tank of pump 93. We’ve found that Gulf Mach 116 unleaded is so potent, you can blend it 50/50 with pump 93 and make a great performing 105 octane fuel. And what happens if you miss the mark a little bit? Our tune can compensate for mild to moderate variances in octane, giving you flexibility to go to the track whenever you want. What this really amounts to is us tuning your car for 100 octane, where a race fuel “over fill” simply serves as an extra pad against detonation, but an under fill is still safe and within the acceptable octane range.

Gulf Racing Fuels are also available in hazmat-approved 5 gallon pails, making it easy for you to add fuel at the last minute for a night at the track. Then you can drive the car home, refill with 93 octane and switch back to your street tune using the HP Tuners nGauge–all without cables in your lap or needing to remember to take your programmer with you. The nGauge mounts right on the dash and blends in with Ford’s design.


To order your HP Tuners nGauge with your street and free Gulf Racing Fuel tune, please send an email to sales@amazontuningsolutions.com and specify which type of race fuel tune you’d like to run!

You can also call us at 704-662-0881




2015 Coyote Mustang Tuning


When the 2015 Mustang GT was first released, we jumped at the opportunity to buy, build and race one. Everything came together smoothly: The sponsorship (Thank you to all of our sponsors!), roll cage, blower, wheels, tires, clutch… The car was coming together perfectly. Being that Rick is a seasoned tuner and has tuned many 2011-2014 Mustang GT’s, we–like many other dyno shops–expected smooth sailing with the 2015 GT, but we quickly found out that tuning the 2015 Mustang GT, particularly with a positive displacement blower, was a whole new ballgame!

Rather than being defeated by this challenge, we embraced it. First, we installed a centrifugal blower (Procharger) on the car and developed tunes for it.

Here is a secret that many of the top tuners share: Developing a custom calibration is not as simple as “point, click, tune”. To do it properly, the tuner ideally needs weeks or months of seat and dyno time in the vehicle platform being tuned. There are many idiosyncrasies and drivability tweaks that only become apparent when the vehicle is being driven daily and/or driven down the track multiple times. Remote tuning a vehicle that you’ve never sat in most often produces lackluster results, so in the spirit of embracing this new platform, Rick Erdman jumped right in and began decompiling the stock tune, map by map.

Once the Procharger calibration was complete (and after several broke clutches), we moved on to the more challenging task on this new platform: Positive displacement blowers. With help from our friends at VMP Superchargers, we installed a VMP Supercharger on our 2015 Mustang GT and spent over 6 months developing a tune for it. The car is now running awesome, we’re excited for the 2016 NMRA season and we can’t wait to write you a custom calibration for your 2015 Mustang GT.

Here’s what ATS tuner Rick Erdman had to say about 2015 Mustang tuning:  “The 2015 Coyote has twice as many spark tables as the 2011-20014 Coyote, due to the return of IMRC plates. Twice the number of spark tables and twice the number of speed density tables significantly increases the time needed to develop tunes. Another difference in the 2015 is that it doesn’t use “optimum power map point” as the other Coyotes did. Additionally, the MT-82 manual transmission cars are more difficult to tune than the 6R80 automatic, and this is in contrast to the 2011-2015 Mustang GT’s. Naturally, once we discovered these things, we realized that we were at square one on a new platform.


After a challenging start, the ATS 2015 VMP Supercharged mustang GT is running great!

Tuning the 2015 Mustang GT: How we do it at Amazon Tuning Solutions:

Here at ATS, we work with a host of software suites, but our favorite for the Coyote platform is HP Tuners, particularly with the availability of the HP Tuners nGauge. This device gives the enthusiast or racer so much more than a handheld programmer–which face it–simply sits in your glovebox until you’re ready to change tunes. The HP Tuners nGauge is a programmer, fully customizable gauge, shift light, datalogger–with many other cool features wrapped into one affordable, high quality device (And it’s made here in the USA!).

The HP Tuners nGauge–unlike the other version of the nGauge– allows you to choose who tunes your vehicle. You aren’t stuck with one tuner shop. Of course, we’d be honored to write you a custom calibration for your Mustang GT, but if you have a local dynotuner in mind, we’d be happy to sell you an “empty” nGauge (without any custom tuning) for $449 and we’ll even throw in a free HP Tuners nGauge mount for a limited time.(until the end of October 2015)

Keep in mind: We worked very hard to develop custom tunes for the 2015 Mustang GT–so after the initial custom tune purchase we offer free tuning revisions for one year, even if you add modifications, so we hope you choose Rick Erdman and Amazon Tuning Solutions to write your custom tunes!


To order an HP Tuners nGauge, simply click here: HP Tuners nGauge

If you’d like Rick Erdman to provide you with custom tuning and load it onto your nGauge, please send an email to sales@amazontuningsolutions.com or call 704-662-0881

Your 2011-2015 Mustang GT deserves the type of tuning that has taken many months to develop!

Sincerely, Amazon staff.


2011-2015 Mustang tuning by ATS with the HP Tuners nGauge

Screenshot 2015-09-25 09.27.03

What an awesome year 2015 has been so far at ATS!

Though we will miss NMRA in Bowling Green, KY this year (due to multiple conflicts), it has been an incredible year back in racing. We’ve chosen Tristan Lester as the new #MissAts and have spent countless hours developing tunes for the S550 mustang. With the release of the HP Tuners nGauge into the tuning market, we’ve never been more busy cranking out custom tunes! To date, we’ve been known as Ford Lightning and 03/04 Cobra tuners–and we still are, but adapting to industry changes is important. As a result, we’re full swing with the 2011-2015 mustang after months of development.

Now that we have an entirely new generation of mustang owners, we feel privileged to have so much seat time on the dyno with 2011-2015 mustangs and because of this we’re making this platform a heavy focus going forward. With so many enthusiasts buying these cars, this market has nowhere to go but up!

We are asked daily by late model mustang owners: “What is the best tuning platform for my mustang?” “Why the HP Tuners nGauge?”.

The answer is simple: The HP Tuners version of the nGauge is “unlocked”, which allows you to choose who tunes your vehicle. Of course, we’d be honored if you chose us to do your custom tuning: If you buy an HP Tuners nGauge for your 2011-2015 Mustang GT from Amazon Tuning Solutions ($449), it includes one free custom tune. However, if you have a local tuner that you are already comfortable with, you can simply buy the HP Tuners nGauge from us and bring it to your favorite tuner shop for tuning. Again, any shop that tunes Fords with the HP Tuners software can tune your car with the HP Tuners nGauge! This puts the power of choice in your hands.

Not to mention, wouldn’t you rather have a device in your car that you can enjoy every day? With a traditional tuner, it simply flashes your car and collects dust in your glovebox. The nGauge replaces a tuner and functions as a fully programmable, customizable gauge that lets you monitor important engine and transmissions functions. Not only is your car tuned, but you have something to show your friends to prove it. Want to have 2, or 3, or 5, or even 10 different tunes for your car ready at all times? The HP Tuner nGauge will store all of them, and swapping tunes is as easy as a 5-6 minute flash. Long story short, this is innovation the tuning industry has needed for years and it’s an awesome device!

But let’s focus again on tuning development and mail order tuning, because all mail order/email tuners are not alike. Rick Erdman has worked hard to build tried and true tuned files for your Coyote mustang, regardless of your modifications. We’ve been on the dyno with it normally aspirated, with a positive displacement blower (VMP), a Centrifugal supercharger (Procharger), nitrous, turbo…you name it! These custom tunes aren’t developed from theory alone: We’ve spend the hard hours on the dyno and at the track.

A big bonus you get with ATS: Free tuning revisions

ATS offers free revisions for 1 year if your modifications change. We understand that many of you will purchase and install modifications, only to change your mind after installing them. This happens for numerous reasons, but it’s mostly linked to a horsepower addiction–an addiction we condone through and through. Long story short: If you buy an HP Tuners nGauge from ATS, we tune your car for you and you decide 6 months later that you need a smaller supercharger pulley for more boost, we will provide a tuning update for you at absolutely no cost. There are obviously some limitations on this: You can’t rip the entire car apart, build the engine and change everything while expecting a free tuning revision–but for reasonable changes linked to your horsepower addiction–we salute you and your mission for more horsepower with free revisions =o)

For more info, please email sales@AmazonTuningSolutions.com or call 704-662-0881