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ATS 2015 GT Getting Ready

for a 10.0 run at NMRA Atlanta last weekend.Unfortunately the 10.0 caused a break out so Rick didn’t move on to the next round.This was the first outing with the auto conversion. 17836996_1539986042698704_162380764_o 17858728_1539986022698706_1430720609_o 17858911_1540507892646519_1575274349_o

Rick is still working out the bugs. We think this car has mid 9s in it.

Big Thanks to Michael Johnson for the pics.

The Tuningmobile-2016 Ford Escape Ecoboost

Rick has been doing so much travelling around the area to do tuning that we had to add a vehicle to the amazon fleet that gets better gas milage than a F350 does.Ford Escape Ecoboost fit the bill and turned out to be a fun vehicle after a bit of tweeking.

Rick got with our  friends at JMS for a little ecoboost love. Nothing like a Pedal Max and Boost Max on any ecoboost. Easy way for the little 2.0 ecoboost to gain 5 lbs of boost, 26 rwhp and 20 ft-lbs of torque and that’s on just 87 octane! The Pedal Max will add amazing throttle response and really help with the turbo lag.

All I can say is WOW! I put a gauge on it and she’s running around 21lbs of boost. Before it was only 15.5 lbs. This is done with 93 octane. The data log shows 0 knock retard and it’s still really rich at around 10.7 to 10.9 a/f at wot. I’ll now do a little tuning on the fueling, spark and tranny on the dyno.NGauge in our 2.0 Ecoboost Escape. Installing a Boost Max and the NGauge will let me log it. Data log looks good, Now it’s time to put the Boost and Pedal Max on. Green filter with the MBRP inlet tube will be next then we will put it on the dyno. Since it’s the same motor as the Focus ST we will see the automatic powertrain loss vs the ST’s manual.


It will always hold a special place with us


    I was looking through all the pics we have collected over the years. This is Rick racing our 03 Cobra at NMRA Maple Grove way back in 03. This car was what sent us down the road we have been on for the last almost 14 years and made Rick into the first most experienced and knowledgeable 03 Cobra experts in the country. It has certainly been quite an exciting adventure. We have met some of the most amazing  customers as well as top shelf vendors along the way. And as we have worked and progressed with all the new Ford performance platforms since the 03 Cobra it will always hold a special place.

Big Changes at Amazon Tuning Solutions

Big changes at Amazon Tuning Solutions:

We’ve moved out of our shop on Timber RD Mooresville NC and back to SC.

We also intend to reach more customers than ever and not be limited by geography by adding a mobile dyno for track days and other events. ATS will continue to offer great email and remote tuning backed by years of experience from our tuner, Rick Erdman.
Based on customer feedback, we feel this is a good decision to be able to expand service to our customers, wherever they may be.

We’ll be able to offer the very best custom tuning to our local dyno customers  and also be able to serve events up and down the east coast and around the country.

While a large amount of the work we do here at ATS is email tuning, sometimes you just need a dyno. Rick was one of the very first tuners to travel to his customers to tune but now we will have the option to also bring our own dyno.

Meanwhile, our HP Tuners, JMS, VMP Performance and Gulf Racing Fuels sponsored 2015 Mustang GT is getting ready for the 2017 NMRA events, We  hope to see you there.

We can now be reached at 864 401 8005

ATS Has Other FB Groups

Are you aware of  the different Face Book groups by Amazon Tuning Solutions?

In addition to our Face Book business page, we also have several group pages.

Here is the link to our  Amazon Tuning Solutions Tuning &Tech group for the discussion of all the different vehicles that we work with. This includes all domestic gas and diesel Ford, GM and Dodge vehicles.

Screenshot 2015-09-08 13.53.13

We also have a model specific group for the discussion of tuning and tech for the Ford S550 Mustang. It is  ATS S550 Tuning and Tech.


We invite you to join and browse

The ATS fleet has grown by two!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve acquired two vehicles: a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport EcoBoost and a 2014 C7 Corvette!


Both will be used for work and pleasure, and the modifications have already begun! The corvette has already been tuned by Rick using HP Tuners VCM Suite and an AFE Cold Air Kit has been installed, as well as a black hood stripe.

Here are a couple photos of the work in progress: Who doesn’t love yellow and black?



For the Explorer Sport, we have big plans.  With AWD and a 3.5 twin turbo EcoBoost power plant, these things absolutely rip with tuning upgrades, and we plan to start off by installing a JMS PedalMax, BoostMax and an HP Tuners nGauge.

The PedalMax and BoostMax are huge “bang for your buck” upgrades that are not only incredibly simple to install (plug and play), they don’t require any additional programming. The PedalMax eliminates the lag in the throttle that many modern cars have, especially boosted cars and makes a huge difference you can feel instantly. An optional, remote knob lets you adjust sensitivity on the fly. You can literally hold your foot steady, turn the knob and feel the vehicle accelerate.

The BoostMax makes 90+ RWHP with a simple plug and play device and it’s easily removable as needed! At $299, it’s huge HP per dollar!

And for serious HP gains of 150+, we’re going to ad an HP Tuners nGauge with custom tuning by Rick. The nGauge is a fully programmable gauge, datalogger and custom tuning device–all in one! It can hold 20+ custom calibrations, so you can take it to the track and see which tunes net you the highest MPH and lowest ET. We sell the HP Tuners nGauge for $449 with free shipping, plus custom tuning fees.

We’re really looking forward to these upgrades: A tuned explorer sport is as fun as a “grocery getter” gets! Here are a couple photos. The truck is bone stock and ready for upgrades!

ATS_Explorer_Sport_EcoBoost ATS_Explorer_Sport_EcoBoost2

Though we’ve been doing our fair share of mustang tuning recently, Rick has been tuning Corvettes, Camaros and other Ford, GM and Dodge vehicles for over 20 years. Because the EcoBoost platform has become immensely popular, and the 3.5 EcoBoost makes an appearance in many platforms, including the Taurus SHO (another vehicle in our fleet!), Ford F150 and, of course, the Explorer Sport EcoBoost, we’ve decided to make this an area of focus and offer top-notch EcoBoost tunes that focus on power, mileage and drivability.

Boosted vehicles love tuning, and they usually see notable mileage gains once settle down and go back to driving “normal”, though we are not exactly familiar with what that means. Isn’t the throttle meant to be an on/off switch? =o)

In all seriousness: If you own a vehicle with a Ford 3.5 EcoBoost, you’re doing it an injustice by leaving it stock. There is so much power potential, you can easily turn your EcoBoost into an EcoBEAST.  Call us for a custom tune, PedalMax or BoostMax!






ATS is now a distributor of Solo Performance exhaust!

solo performance logo

We’re happy to announce that Amazon Tuning Solutions is now a distributor of Solo Performance, a manufacturer of fairly priced, smartly engineered exhaust systems for Mustang, Camaro, Challenger/Charger, Ford and Dodge trucks, and a host of other vehicles.

We’ve had great feedback regarding their Mustang and F150 exhaust systems, which fit well, sound amazing and fit the budget. Solo uses a modular muffler system, so you can choose between a “louder” or “quieter” system before you order.

Check out their Mach Thunder S550 kit HERE. If you prefer a more quiet exhaust, you can go with their Mach XV system. Solo Mach and Thunder exhaust systems for S550

If you have a Mustang GT, you can choose the tips in the photo above, or you can customize with a wide selection of tips on the Solo Performance website.  If you’re looking to piece a system together yourself or wish to add a resonator (or run only a resonator), they also have a wide selection that you can see HERE.

Solo has a resonator to fit any build.

Solo has a resonator to fit any build.

They also have any hardware you need to build your exhaust system. Solo Performance is as individual as you are!

For more information or to order, please visit or email



Featuring TJ Reese’s Coyote, Medusa

Tuning with ATS

When making decisions on tuning your mustang you have a ton of options.  From base map tunes, remote email tuning, or custom tuning not to mention all the shops out there who offer tuning so I was a bit lost in the beginning to say the least.  After doing some research and asking a few fellow mustang enthusiast on their suggestions, I decided that the best fit for me would be a remote email tune as I am continuing to mod my mustang and I didn’t want the large cost associated with a custom dyno tune and wanted the availability to still add upgrades as I could afford them.  As I was searching the ACMR page on facebook for more information on tuners I seen a contest was going to win an nGAUGE along with custom tuning from ATS so I figured why not give it a go I never win anything but it couldn’t hurt to enter.   A few days pasted and to my surprise I got a message saying that I had won the contest and was going to receive the tuner and tune.  Now at first I was hesitant about having ATS tune my car as they weren’t one of the huge companies everyone else was using and they were on the other side of the country from me (I’m in Salt Lake City and they are located in North Carolina), but I decided to go ahead and see what they could do. Once I got on the phone with Linn and Rick all my worries melted away as I was able to instantly tell they were very knowledgeable people.  I was completely new to the nGAUGE and had no idea how to set it up and download my stock tune so that they could write my custom tune.  With us being on other sides of the country there was quite a time difference and with my work schedule I was unable to call and work with them during regular business hours so I called after hours and to my surprise they answered and took the time to walk me step by step through the whole process further putting me at ease knowing I was in good hands.  During our first tuning session my nGAUGE had downloaded a corrupted stock tune that caused several issues that we continued chasing our tail on,  Rick and Linn spent countless hours on the phone with me after hours and on weekends trying to get the issue resolved and finally after getting the engineers at nGAUGE involved we got to the base of the problem being the corrupted file.  Once we figured that out we were able to re-download a stock tune and rick sent me a revised custom tune in about 30 minutes once I loaded it in the car I couldn’t believe how much smoother the car ran.  I continued to run that tune for the rest of the season and was very happy with the results I was getting.  Once the winter months hit it was time to mod the car again so I collect my new mods and this required getting a revised tune.  I logged into their new tuning portal for sending request for new tunes or tune revisions.  Within an hour of putting in my request I had my new tune in my email.  Again the car ran better than ever and has been hurting other mustang owners with more mods feelings ever since.   And when they ask me how am I so fast I just get to smile and tell them its that ATS magic that they don’t have.  If you are on the fence about who to go with or if you think your pony has some more power to be had give ATS a try  and you wont be disappointed, I’ve never had such responsive customer support from any company across any industry.

One very satisfied customer

TJ Reese

Mod List:


Eibach Sport Lowering Springs

Koni Orange shocks and struts

BMR Lower Control arms and relocation brackets

Adjustable Pan hard bar


Custom wrap by Reese Kustoms

Rohana RF2 Wheels

20”x9“ with 255/35/20 tires – front

20”x11“ with 305/35/20 tires – rear

Roush 7 bar grills

20% tint on front windows and 5% on rears


Tuned by ATS

JLT Cold air intake

Ported stock intake manifold

CNC Throttle body

3.73 Rear gearing

Lethal Performance Off road H pipe 3”

SLP Loudmouth Axle back


S550 MT-82 to 4R70W automatic conversion is almost done!

They call it “fishing” for a reason. You aren’t guaranteed to catch fish, otherwise it would be called “catching”. The same goes for racing: It’s not called “winning” for a reason: Sometimes you have to do a lot of racing, break some parts, change strategies, fabricate new parts, race some more and then you might start winning.

We’ve built our 2015 Mustang GT to be a winner. After a broken clutch and rear end, we decided to take things to the next level with a Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W and Circle D converter.

Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W

Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W

The Performance Automatic Super Comp 4R70W was built to handle 950 HP in severe duty race applications. Full manual shift control, premium racing clutches, special sprag, hardened input shaft and an aluminum deep sump pan are what give this transmission the tools for success and the very reasons we chose to go with Performance Automatic.

Circle D Converter

To replace our broken differential, we chose Wavetrac. If you break it…upgrade it!Wavetrac

The final piece of the puzzle for our VMP Supercharged, ATS tuned (using HP Tuners) S550 is a custom driveshaft from Frank at The Driveshaft Shop. We should have the custom driveshaft installed and ready to go by next week!

Please stop by our booth on the midway at NMRA in Commerce, GA this weekend to talk about the conversion or for custom tuning advice. The 4R70W swap is becoming popular and we would love to help you in your journey for lower ET’s and higher MPH. Rick spent a lot of time to get this car built and we’re excited to see what the rest of the NMRA season holds!

If you have questions or want to know more about our 2015 Mustang GT, please email or call 704-662-0881

Ford GM Dodge Custom Remote and Dyno Tuning

At AMAZON TUNING SOLUTIONS whether you work remotely via email to order a tune or have your car tuned on our in house, state of the art 1100 SE Mustang Dyno it will be hard to find anyone with more experience tuning domestic performance vehicles than our master tuner, RICK ERDMAN.

He has compiled years of his datalogs from the street and dyno to develop his tuning files. It is his goal to use his many years of tuning experience and knowledge to offer tunes with safety, reliability and drivability.
Each tune is customized for your vehicle’s present modifications, individual location and driving style. A preliminary tune is done specifically for your vehicle. It is then verified and dialed in by datalogging specific parameters and AF readings.
Rick has many safeguards in place to insure engine longevity. He is always accessible through our support site at and is happy to talk to anyone at length and in more detail about his tuning process. Experience the difference in quality and service with guaranteed work and better performance from Amazon Tuning Solutions.

We are proud to Feature 2015 GT owned by Jeff Eames

Featuring this beautiful 2015 GT owned by our customer Jeff Eames.

Jeff went with us to NMRA Atlanta 2015 and pitted with us at our space on the vendor midway. He also ran the car in True Street and took the title in the 13 sec division. Not bad for a basically stock vehicle.

Mods – MBRP Race Catback
ATS Tune
“With having owned over 12 mustangs for the last 20 years, my 2015 GT w/ performance pack is by far the best platform I have owned. After meeting Rick at Amazon Tuning Solutions, I began explaining to him some concerns I had with the stock tune! Rick began explaining to me that my concerns could be fix with his tune and understood exactly what I was saying. Rick downloaded the tune from my car and within 2 days, he contacted me saying the tune was done and made arrangements to upload new tune. As soon as the tune was uploaded, I took the car for a “spirited” ride and immediately felt a difference. The car seemed to run smoother, had more power, revved higher, and the clutch protection was gone! Needless to say I was very pleased with the tune on my stock mustang and stay in touch with Rick and Linn for future upgrades and tuning!”


ATS is ready for the NMRA Spring Break Shootout!

The NMRA Spring Break Shootout is only a few weeks away and we hope to see you there!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.51.13 PM

With another year of sponsorship from HP Tuners, ATS is excited for what the 2016 NMRA race season holds. Rick will be running our 2015 VMP Supercharged Mustang GT in NMRA Super Stang and the car is really dialed in this year: We’ve broken in the Ram clutch, custom dyno tuned the car with the HP Tuners nGauge and have plenty of race fuel to burn!

Last year was our first year back on the race scene in over 10 years, and though we had a few setbacks, it was still a record year. For 2016, we plan to take tuning support on the road to a whole new level. If you’re new to tuning or are looking for a custom tune for your own vehicle, please stop by our booth on the midway and talk to Rick or Linn. Rick has been tuning since 1998, which means if the tuning platform exists, he has probably tuned with it. ATS can offer email tunes on any platform, including SCT, Diablosport and our personal preference: HP Tuners.

Get tuned at the track! We can schedule your tune ahead of time to take place at your local NMRA event.

Though we take pride in offering awesome email tunes, if you happen to be local to an NMRA event this year, please let us know by sending an email to Rick can tune your car right there at the track, and if you drive a mustang or other Ford vehicle, we can install and tune an HP Tuners nGauge on site. You can pull right up to our booth and get custom tuning with a personal touch and a great photo op.

Speaking of photos: We’re going to do more photo shoots in 2016!

HP Tuners nGauge with Gulf Racing Fuel Tune

Tristan Lester: Miss ATS

Tristan has stepped right into her role as Miss ATS and we can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can schedule our next ATS photo shoot. We also plan to have Tristan host one of our customer appreciation days, which will be a private track rental open ONLY to ATS customers!

If you’re an ATS customer and would like to attend one of our customer appreciation events or meet up with us at an NMRA event, please email


If you’re not an ATS customer yet: What are you waiting for? We’ll see you at the track!




Matt Duncan’s 1990 Mustang GT

Matt Duncan’s 1990 GT. Currently it has a explorer gt40p motor, with a TFS #1 cam, basic bolt-ons, BBK Longtubes, off-road H, Flowmasters, Maximum Motorsports camber caster plates & full length subframes. Bilstein shocks & struts, H&R springs, upper & lower control arms, SN95 5-lug conversion.Future plans are a 408, T-56, and upgrade to Cobra spec brakes.She is & will always be a street car that can be driven anywhere reliably with the a/c blowing & stereo cranked. He has been part of the Amazon Team since 2006.
“Rick & Linn at Amazon are awesome. Even several years after I’ve spent any money with them, they still treat me like their best customer. Rick has answered several questions before & after the sale & couldn’t be a better guy to work with. He’s the only one I trust & recommend to tune any vehicle!” Matt Duncan


Rick Erdman: Dyno & Remote Tuning Specialist

At AMAZON TUNING SOLUTIONS whether you work remotely via email to order a tune or have your car tuned on our in house, state of the art 1100 SE Mustang Dyno it will be hard to find anyone with more experience tuning domestic performance vehicles than RICK ERDMAN. He has spent 0ver 30 years studying and researching datalogs from the street and dyno to develop his tuning files. It is his goal to use his many years of tuning experience and knowledge to offer tunes with safety, reliability and drivability.

Each tune is customized for your vehicle’s present modifications, individual location and driving style. A preliminary tune is done specifically for your vehicle. It is then verified and dialed in by datalogging specific parameters and AF readings.

Rick has many safeguards in place to insure engine longevity. He is always accessible and happy to talk to anyone at length and in more detail about his tuning process. Appointments are necessary for tuning, but you can stop by any time or call to consult with Rick or just hang out with the gang. Stop by today and experience the difference in quality and service with guaranteed work and better performance from Amazon Tuning Solutions.


Remote tuning is a process that our ATS tuning specialist Rick Erdman has offered for many years. He was one of the very first tuners to offer it to his customers who driving to us for a dyno tune  was not an option. He has remotely tuned thousands of vehicles all over the world.

Initially a preliminary tune file is emailed to you that is  based on your vehicle modifications. It is then verified by datalogging specific parameters. The datalogged parameters are then returned via email and the tune is dialed in and resent via email.

Remotely tuning is not for everyone. It can sometimes be a time consuming process. Patience and good communication are essential. If you are willing to dedicate the time required it can be a very viable option to dyno tuning when you do not have access to a reputable dyno tuner in your area.

If you are interested in knowing more about our remote tuning process give us a call at 704 662 0881 or email for a personal consultation with Rick.



Rick has spent countless hours developing tunes for the 2015-2016  S550 mustang. With the release of the HP Tuners nGauge into the tuning market, we’ve never been more busy cranking out custom tunes! To date, we’ve been known as Ford Lightning and 03/04 Cobra tuners–and we still are, but adapting to industry changes is important. As a result, we’re full swing with the 2011-2015 mustang.

Now that we have an entirely new generation of mustang owners, we feel privileged to have so much seat time on the dyno with 2011-2015 mustangs and because of this we’re making this platform a heavy focus going forward. With so many enthusiasts buying these cars, this market has nowhere to go but up!


But let’s focus  on tuning development and mail order tuning, because all mail order/email tuners are not alike. Rick Erdman has worked hard to build tried and true tuned files for your Coyote mustang, regardless of your modifications. We’ve been on the dyno with it normally aspirated, with a positive displacement blower (VMP), a Centrifugal supercharger (Procharger), nitrous, turbo…you name it! These custom tunes aren’t developed from theory alone: We’ve spend the hard hours on the dyno and at the track.

A big bonus you get with ATS: Free tuning revisions

ATS offers free revisions for 1 year if your modifications change. We understand that many of you will purchase and install modifications, only to change your mind after installing them. This happens for numerous reasons, but it’s mostly linked to a horsepower addiction–an addiction we condone through and through. Long story short: If you buy an HP Tuners nGauge from ATS, we tune your car for you and you decide 6 months later that you need a smaller supercharger pulley for more boost, we will provide a tuning update for you at absolutely no cost. There are obviously some limitations on this: You can’t rip the entire car apart, build the engine and change everything while expecting a free tuning revision–but for reasonable changes linked to your horsepower addiction–we salute you and your mission for more horsepower with free revisions =o)

For more info, please email  or call 704-662-0881


When your car is your baby we make it a top priority at Amazon Tuning Solutions

“Customer service anymore seems to be a long lost commodity. This is especially seen within the automotive enthusiast community. When your car is your baby, you want it to be a priority for your builder, and especially your tuner. I’ve been using the same tuner for 7 years now because we’ve become fast friends. When he’s not tuning, he’s racing his own 2015 mustang, which is sponsored by HP Tuners no less. And be it that he also has an engineering degree and is a master electrician, along with his 18 years of tuning experience he isn’t often left scratching his head when a problem comes up. I’ve had days on the dyno that left me sick to my stomach because I was having mechanical problems, and Rick has taken me to lunch because he felt sorry for me. I’ve never been rushed off the dyno at Amazon Tuning Solutions. When I take care of my end on a build, Rick takes care of his end with the tuning. And if I ever have a question or want something tweaked, he emails it to me for free-over and over until I’m satisfied with the car.”    Zach Jordan



Thank you to our sponsors for NMRA 2016

As the 2016 NMRA season descends on us in less than 2 months We would like to thank our sponsors for 2016.

We appreciate the sponsors who have helped us with our goals.

HP Tuners

Screenshot 2015-09-08 15.29.15Screenshot 2015-09-08 13.34.38

VMP Tuning                   JLT                                           Gulf Racing Fuels 


RAM Clutches




BMR             Drive Shaft Shop             Watson Racing                  MGW Shifters








More HP Tuners nGauges are headed to Amazon Tuning Solutions!!

Linn and Rick Erdman were one of the first vendors for this awesome device that has become wildly popular.
It’s a gauge, a data logger AND a tuner…and with The HP Tuners version, you get to choose who tunes your car.

ATS will enter their 2016 NMRA season with a VMP Supercharged 2015 Mustang GT, tuned with HP Tuners using the nGauge and fueled by Gulf Mach 116.
ATS can serve up custom tuning for your S550 with the nGauge.

They have also brought on Tristan Lester as Miss ATS to be the face of the brand. Look for more photos soon from her, but here are a few teasers…

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