ATS is now a distributor of Solo Performance exhaust!

solo performance logo

We’re happy to announce that Amazon Tuning Solutions is now a distributor of Solo Performance, a manufacturer of fairly priced, smartly engineered exhaust systems for Mustang, Camaro, Challenger/Charger, Ford and Dodge trucks, and a host of other vehicles.

We’ve had great feedback regarding their Mustang and F150 exhaust systems, which fit well, sound amazing and fit the budget. Solo uses a modular muffler system, so you can choose between a “louder” or “quieter” system before you order.

Check out their Mach Thunder S550 kit HERE. If you prefer a more quiet exhaust, you can go with their Mach XV system. Solo Mach and Thunder exhaust systems for S550

If you have a Mustang GT, you can choose the tips in the photo above, or you can customize with a wide selection of tips on the Solo Performance website.  If you’re looking to piece a system together yourself or wish to add a resonator (or run only a resonator), they also have a wide selection that you can see HERE.

Solo has a resonator to fit any build.

Solo has a resonator to fit any build.

They also have any hardware you need to build your exhaust system. Solo Performance is as individual as you are!

For more information or to order, please visit or email